fitness y entrenamiento personalizado

Fitness & Training

Personalized training programs with the latest fitness technology.

Training adapted to you

Training routines and plans

Obtain your own customized training plans, compiled from a selection of +2,000 exercises and routines, all of which have been approved by our professional Sport Science team. 

Select the location, equipment, duration, objective, any current injuries and you’re ready to go.

Real-time analysis

The latest technology in body measurement helps us adapt to your circumstances in real-time with powerful biomechanical and functional analysis of exercises.

We collect data on how your body reacts to physical activity and adapt your training plans to your goals in real-time.

Injury and pain prevention and rehabilitation

Our body thermographic analysis allows you to detect and prevent injuries or possible pains in advance.

Access our rehabilitation plans for training sessions that are adapted to your specific needs. Train pain-free while recovering from your injury.